Childrens’ Book Illustration

Please enjoy a look through my children’s book illustrations.

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Slippery, Slimy, Feathered and Furred

Hunter Writers’ Centre’s 2021 Children’s Anthology

Images shared with permission of Hunter Writers’ Centre

  • The Story: Raised in a captive breeding program, an endangered Regent Honeyeater learns to sing.
  • The Brief: Four illustrations, one 1/4 page, two 1/2 page and 1 full page, to be printed in black and white.
  • Medium: Graphite pencil

Slippery, Slimy, Feathered and Furred is a children’s anthology published by Hunter Writer’s Centre. It features stories written and illustrated by authors and artists from the Hunter region. Each story highlights a different endangered animal, which encourages children to learn about conservation of threatened species.

These illustrations accompany the short story “Reggie the Rockstar’ by Gabrielle Reid.

You can buy Slippery Slimy, Feathered and Furred on the Hunter Writers’ Centre’s Website.

The Century Rare Fairy Party

By Kirsty McCrudden
  • The Story: A fairy child has a series of adventures when she attends a magical fairy party.
  • The Brief: Four illustrations, created in magical, whimsical style, that illustrate key moments from the story.
  • Medium: Fine liner pens and watercolour.

A local author commissioned me to create four children’s book illustrations for their original story. For this project, I worked closely with the author to design a cast of zany characters to appear as she imaged them and developed a style to fit her vision of the story.

Additionally, the author also commissioned me to design the layout for the final book, and have it printed and bound for a private publication.

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